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Project, Programme & Portfolio Governance Professional


P3GP® (Project, Programme & Portfolio Governance Professional) certification is based on the TSO publication “Project, Programme and Portfolio Governance – P3G”. It’s the only recognised qualification for project, programme and portfolio governance worldwide. It certifies that a person has passed the examination which is based upon the publication.

P3GP Certified candidates understand the principles of P3G and how they should be applied in practice.

Introduction and purpose:

The P3GP certification provides the theory, principles and practical advice on how to review, design, implement and maintain decision making frameworks that enable optimisation of an organisation’s investment in change – where change is the projects or programmes that comprise its portfolio.

It explains how to establish an effective governance framework for a project or a program. It also explains how to identify governance issues in a project, programme or organisation and how to assess existing P3G frameworks. It also addresses portfolio governance and the integration of governance at all levels in the organisation. It is applicable to projects and programmes in all sectors including hard infrastructure, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and business change in both the public service and the private sector.

The purpose of this syllabus is to provide a basis for accreditation of those seeking to acquire the theoretical foundations and practical skills of P3G. It documents the certification content and describes the requirements a candidate is expected to fulfil in order to achieve the qualification.

The P3GP Qualification:

The P3GQA qualification offered is P3GP. A successful candidate may use the post nominal P3GP.

Target Audience:

  • PMO and P3O practitioners, including portfolio, programme and project office staff

  • Members of main boards and their sub-committees, those responsible for governance across organizations and members of Executive Management Teams

  • Executives accountable for project and programme outcomes, including project sponsors and senior responsible owners (SROs)

  • Portfolio Management Executives and Officers

  • Assurance professionals and capability assessors

High Level Performance Definition of a Successful P3GP Candidate:

The candidate should understand the theory and key principles of P3G and how the theory and principles should be applied in practice. Specifically, the candidate should understand:

  • The different treatment of Change versus Business as Usual governance structures in an organisation

  • The importance and treatment of accountability and empowerment within P3G

  • The purpose and major responsibilities of key governance roles

  • How to effectively separate project decision making and stakeholder management and why

  • The importance of the Business Case from a P3G perspective

  • How to ensure the decision rights of various committees and decision makers are consistent and logical

  • The main components of an investment gating process and how it operates

  • The ways in which a governance framework can be scaled to meet the needs of projects and programmes of varying risk profile

Exam Format & Assessment:

The exam format comprises of 50 multiple choice questions covering some or all of the areas addressed by the P3GP guidance/course. The multiple-choice questions are worth two points each.

Exam Duration:

The P3GP exam is proctored online and it’s 90 minutes in duration

The passing rate is 50 points.


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