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Empowering Your Business Through Expert Consulting

Navigate the complexities of project management with our specialized consulting services. From setting up 
a centralized PMO to enhancing your team's skills through tailored workshops, we're here to elevate your organization's project management capabilities.

Our Consulting Approach


   - Understanding Your Needs: We begin by thoroughly understanding your organization's unique needs, challenges, and goals. This discovery phase is about delving deep into your current processes, culture, and aspirations.

   - Assessment and Analysis: Our experts conduct in-depth assessments, whether it's evaluating your project management maturity, IT service management practices, or governance structures. We analyze data, gather insights, and identify areas for improvement.

   - Strategic Alignment: We ensure that every recommendation and solution we propose aligns seamlessly with your strategic objectives.


   - Smooth Execution: We assist in the seamless implementation of the designed solutions. Whether it's setting up a PMO, improving ITSM practices, or enhancing governance, we guide you through the process.

   - Continuous Improvement: Our approach doesn't stop at implementation. We help you establish mechanisms for continuous improvement, ensuring that the changes yield lasting results.


   - Tailored Solutions: Building on the insights from the discovery phase, we design customized solutions that fit your organization like a glove. There's no one-size-fits-all here; every solution is purpose-built for you.

   - Clear Roadmaps: We create clear and actionable roadmaps, outlining the steps needed to achieve your desired outcomes. These roadmaps are the blueprint for success.

Monitoring and Optimization:

   - Measuring Success: We establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitoring processes to track the success of our solutions. This data-driven approach ensures that you see tangible improvements.

   - Optimization Strategies: Based on performance data, we continuously refine and optimize the solutions to maximize their impact.


   - Hands-On Collaboration: Our consulting approach is highly collaborative. We work closely with your teams, providing guidance, expertise, and support throughout the development phase.

   - Skill Building: In parallel, we focus on building the skills and capabilities of your teams, ensuring they can effectively implement and sustain the changes.

Throughout this journey of discovery, design, development, implementation, monitoring, and optimization, Value Cocreate remains your dedicated partner. Our approach is a holistic and iterative process that ensures your organization realizes its full potential and achieves sustained success.

PMO Setup and Management

Our PMO Setup and Advisory service helps organizations establish and optimize their Project Management Office (PMO). We work closely with your team to design, implement, and maintain an effective PMO structure that aligns with your strategic objectives. Our advisory services ensure that your PMO operates efficiently and contributes to the success of your projects and programs.

P3M3 Maturity Assessment

P3M3 (Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Maturity Model) is a framework to assess and improve an organization's project management maturity. Our experts conduct a thorough assessment of your organization's current maturity level and provide actionable recommendations to enhance your project, program, and portfolio management capabilities.

P3M Methodology Development

We assist in developing customized Project, Programme, and Portfolio Management (P3M) methodologies tailored to your organization's needs. Our methodologies align with industry best practices and are designed to improve the management of your projects and programs, leading to better outcomes.

P3M Coaching and Workshops

Our P3M coaching and workshops provide your team with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in project, program, and portfolio management. We offer hands-on training and coaching sessions to enhance your team's capabilities, enabling them to effectively execute projects and programs.

ITSM Maturity Assessment

Our IT Service Management (ITSM) maturity assessment evaluates your organization's current ITSM practices. We identify strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations to enhance your IT service delivery, leading to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Project, Programme, and Portfolio Governance (P3G) Consulting

Our P3G consulting service focuses on establishing effective governance structures for your projects, programs, and portfolios. We help you define clear roles and responsibilities, decision-making processes, and accountability mechanisms to ensure that your initiatives align with strategic goals and deliver value.


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